[ wig-uhlz-wurth ]


  1. Michael, 1631–1705, U.S. theologian and author, born in England.

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Example Sentences

“People always ask if I was scared,” says Wigglesworth after I ask her.

“He seemed to think it was quite a rare sight,” said Wigglesworth.

Back at the base, Wigglesworth sent the photos to her editor in London.

But its near-ubiquity came as a surprise to Kirsty Wigglesworth, the AP photographer who took the shot.

I was annoyed to see in how friendly a spirit Wigglesworth received the condescending medical hand upon his quivering ears.

By now Mr. Denton has brought you my incoherent note of thanks for the benison of Wigglesworth.

The last time I saw Wigglesworth he was up at the club one day with Buskirk.

I was sick and weak, but the joy of Michael Wigglesworth's saints in heaven was nothing compared to mine.

I speak of Adonijah Wigglesworth, a most estimable young gentleman, an acquaintance whom thou would'st do well to cultivate.





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