[ wil-ber ]


  1. Richard, 1921–2017, U.S. poet: U.S. poet laureate 1987–88.
  2. Also Wilber. a male given name: from an Old English word meaning “wild boar.”

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Example Sentences

“Although Wilbur did lead during the campaign, in the end, we knew anything could happen,” said Noland, adding that people often toss in a ton of votes on the final day, which tends to shift the so-called polls.

John Didion and John Wilbur never made the Pro Football Hall of Fame but they joined an even more select group in 2013.

It looked a bit like the architect Wilbur Post's house on the TV show Mister Ed.

For example, Manhattan billionaire Wilbur Ross and his wife Hilary Geary were cautious in buying.

Mrs. Wilbur Edes, although small, was masterly in everything, from waving a pompadour to conducting theatricals.

Tall as Wilbur Edes was, he was overshadowed by that immaculate blond pompadour and that plumed picture hat.

Of course Wilbur would meet her, and they would take a taxicab, but even a taxicab seemed rather humiliating to her.

Wilbur had failed in his attempt to secure Lydia Greenway for Margaret's star-feature.

Poor Wilbur at this time felt guiltily culpable that he did not own a motor car in which his Margaret might take the air.