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  1. Ella Wheeler, 1850–1919, U.S. poet.

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Example Sentences

Wilcox and her team are also focused on removing carbon already in the atmosphere.

Wilcox said the doctors contacted her, and she began checking whether the use of Beacon is finding children who might not have been treated otherwise.

Wilcox said she wants to determine whether students get the help they need, if their problems can be spotted before they reach a crisis and which professionals will follow up with their care.

The lead author of the paper was Noah McQueen, a graduate student of Wilcox’s and now head of research at Heirloom.

Wilcox says it can run more than $200 per ton all-in, which is far more expensive than planting trees.

At last month's inquest, Coroner Fiona Wilcox concluded Mrs Saldanha had taken her own life.

At the time he was fired, Wilcox refused to say it was because he was gay.

By November 2011, the Salt Lake Tribune reported that Wilcox had been fired anyway.

Wilcox also said he went through periods of what he calls “suicide ideation.”

It was shown to Mr. Wilcox because of the nature of the message which the telegram contained; is that correct?

Well, for the sake of clarity of the record, at this point let me suggest that we go off the record, and Mr. Wilcox is available.

Would you confer with Mr. Wilcox on that point and let us indicate on the record what he has advised you?

Would you indicate for us briefly, and we will perhaps go into greater detail with Mr. Wilcox after lunch.

Perhaps it would be best to get that testimony direct from Mr. Wilcox.





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