or Wil·frid

[ wil-frid ]

  1. a male given name: from Old English words meaning “will” and “peace.”

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How to use Wilfred in a sentence

  • Wilfred sauntered away to the old apple-tree, and began picking off twigs here and there, to drop them on the grass.

    Country Neighbors | Alice Brown
  • Weeds began to devastate her garden, and Wilfred used to look over the fence and wish uncle Jim would do something.

    Country Neighbors | Alice Brown
  • But one morning he sought out Wilfred, mending a gap in his own orchard wall by the road.

    Country Neighbors | Alice Brown
  • Whatever they quarrelled about Wilfred is very sure that he was the offender; Lionel never begins that kind of thing.

    The Talking Horse | F. Anstey
  • Wilfred, who was trained at Lindisfarne, visited France and Italy in his youth, and came back full of great architectural ideas.