[ wil-uh ]


  1. a female given name, form of Wilhelmina.

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The post Here’s where two-year-old finance platform Willa is finding creative freelancers, influencers to target appeared first on Digiday.

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Semi-relatedly, I’m choosing to believe that Willa was drinking so hard during the wedding out of sheer exuberance about her engagement.

From Time

His subsequent attempt to be the next great Broadway mogul also evaporated, as his escort-turned-girlfriend Willa’s play bombed so hard she threw an iPad into the sea.

From Time

They removed the egg’s nucleus and replaced it with the nucleus from one of Willa’s cells.

He noted that he had three children—Willa, Tallulah, and Conner.

We often joke that Willa was less a name, and more foreshadowing.

Once when Willa was three, a few months after Christmas, she was eating a piece of candy cane.

Willa is a wonderfully smart and funny and perceptive and engaging little kid.

Fans of the brand, dubbed “Willa Girls,” praise her products on social media outlets.

The sound of the word "willa," even with the initial "w," attracted Miss Arabel's attention.

The following morning, Willa and Dan Morrissey went motor shopping.

"I shall be delighted," Willa paused, regarding him with a little, puzzled frown.

In a moment, however, there was a rustle of silk on the narrow stairs and Willa entered.

"Willa shall remain with us, of course," Ripley Halstead said with deep feeling.