[ wil-erd ]

  1. Emma (Hart), 1787–1870, U.S. educator and poet.

  2. Frances Elizabeth Caroline, 1839–98, U.S. educator, reformer, and author.

  1. Jess, 1883–1968, U.S. boxer: world heavyweight champion 1915–19.

  2. a male given name: from Germanic words meaning “hardy” and “will.”

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How to use Willard in a sentence

  • Mr. Willard is so good that no one pays particular attention to the efforts to please of his fellow-actors and actresses.

  • At the Willard, finding that adjoining rooms were not to be had, they were put on different floors.

    The Winning Clue | James Hay, Jr.
  • He seemed not to have taken offense at Willard, seemed to have forgotten him.

    The Range Boss | Charles Alden Seltzer
  • “I distinctly understood him to say the left, Ruth,” growled Willard.

    The Range Boss | Charles Alden Seltzer
  • Willard wanted Chavis to have his job,” whispered Uncle Jepson.

    The Range Boss | Charles Alden Seltzer