[ wil-ing-ham, uhm ]


  1. Calder, 1922–95, U.S. novelist and short-story writer.

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Example Sentences

Instead, Willingham notes, it points to our tendency toward prolonged mating bonds within a social network.

Willingham soon suspected his buddy was involved in bad stuff.

Consider Tyrone Willingham is the only black coach to be fired at one major college program and hired at another one.

We agree with a study by Warren Willingham at the College Board arguing that interviews predicted nothing about college success.

But Willingham said any program that gets kids engaged in and excited about school is a good idea.

“He fast-tracked the execution of this innocent guy, Cameron Todd Willingham,” Friedman says.

At last the army was in motion, and Willingham field opposite was like a crawling ants' nest.

It obviously was made for a larger nave than that of Willingham, and has been cut down to fit its present purpose.

By Jove,” said Willingham to him, “no wonder you improve in your style of play; Bill has no bad notion of bowling, has he?

I often think how helpful such women as Mrs. Goodnight and Mrs. Willingham have been to Panhandle communities.

Looking into the point-blank mouth of the Willingham pistol, he pulled his own.





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