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[ wil-ing-nis ]


  1. consent or readiness to do something:

    The majority of the neighborhood’s older residents were employed, and younger people showed a willingness to work but often could not find jobs.

  2. an inclination or preference: The country has shown no sign of willingness to make concessions.

    We admire her willingness to stand up for what she believes.

    The country has shown no sign of willingness to make concessions.

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  • o·ver·will·ing·ness noun
  • pre·will·ing·ness noun

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Example Sentences

Still, he’s shown no willingness to abide by social distancing or encourage personal protective measures since he assumed the role last week.

From Vox

First, identifying businesses associated with outbreaks would have a chilling effect on the future willingness of those businesses to report outbreaks.

The group said it has shown a willingness to abide by physical distancing requirements in the past.

With new owner Steve Cohen having indicated a willingness to spend big, the Mets already were considered one of the teams to watch in this winter’s free agent market.

All it takes is good will on both sides and a willingness on both sides.

From Fortune

Meaning, Williams has basically previously displayed his willingness to spout government propaganda in exchange for cash.

Christie, with his Jersey Boy charm and willingness to butt heads when necessary, has long been a threat to the left wing.

By demonstrating a willingness to criticize President Obama, often rebuking him for his cozy relationship with Wall Street.

Our goodness was defined, in part, by our willingness to confront evil abroad backed by military force.

And the willingness to dump on British women in the name of Sharia law is a rot that runs up and down the length of society.

To simply acknowledge the existence of a debt is not enough, there must be indicated or expressed a willingness to pay.

On having matters explained, Lowell expressed his willingness to carry the lady passenger over to the ranch.

He urged the admiral to send him more ships, and abounded in willingness towards De Vins.

But to consent was one thing: the how another: the mere suspicion of the willingness of Kaiser or Tsar shook their thrones.

We found the number of applicants increasing and a new willingness to pay, in part at least, for the education.


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