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[ winst ]


  1. simple past tense and past participle of wince 1.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of winced1

First recorded in 1630–40; winc(e) 1( def ) + -ed 1( def ) for the past tense; winc(e) 1( def ) + -ed 2( def ) for the past participle

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Example Sentences

Up 6–5 in the fourth set and serving for the match, Murray paused for a moment and winced before returning a shot.

Malika winced at the sound of her own heels clacking on the sidewalk.

I visibly winced as I saw the bloodied, bruised, and deformed toes wrapped with tape and padding.

The night before she had involuntarily, noticeably winced as her teenage daughter ordered a big slice of chocolate mousse cake.

And Dennis Rodman's college professor must have winced reading about Dennis' best seller.

And Tom, aware that he winced, was also aware that something in his life congealed and stopped its normal flow.

Allcraft winced, as every syllable made known the speaker's actual strength—his own dependence and utter weakness.

The giant winced at the touch, but clasped his hard hands together—evidently prepared for the worst.

Barrington winced a little, for he recognized the irony in the failing voice, but he rose and moved towards the bed.

We shook hands, after I had wiped some of the oil from mine, and I winced a bit from the pressure of his fingers.