Wind River

[ wind ]


  1. a river in W central Wyoming, flowing SE and joining the Popo Agie River to form the Bighorn River. 120 miles (193 km) long.

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Example Sentences

Here, he is telling me how basketball came to the Wind River Reservation.

On a chilly September evening at a Wind River Range trailhead, our protagonist Mack awaits his ex-wife Vonnie.

It must have been a far-flung romance, for the Craigs reputedly came from up in the Wind River district.

Beyond this, we unexpectedly came upon a vast belt of snow, extending through the Wind River Range.

The Wind River Mountains have been in sight all day, presenting, with their irregular outlines, an imposing appearance.

Stretched along in the distance at our right were the snow-clad peaks of the Wind River Range.

On the night before reaching the pass, the peaks of the Wind River Range rose grandly in the northwest.





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