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[ win-did ]


  1. out of breath.
  2. having wind or breath of a specified kind (usually used in combination):

    short-winded; broken-winded.


/ ˈwɪndɪd /


  1. out of breath, as from strenuous exercise
  2. in combination having breath or wind as specified



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Other Words From

  • winded·ness noun
  • un·winded adjective
  • well-winded adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of winded1

late Middle English word dating back to 1400–50; wind 1, -ed 3
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Example Sentences

She felt winded after short distances, and although a family of runners raised her, she worried she didn’t possess the talent or passion to pursue the sport.

By definition, filibusters are stalling tactics that rely on long-winded speeches and tedious procedural delays.

He can’t walk around the house without becoming winded and can’t go even a moment without being connected to supplemental oxygen.

What Thomas remembers is how brief the meeting was, especially in comparison to the long-winded team meetings he experienced in Detroit.

We start with college football’s national championship game, in which Alabama dominated a slightly winded Ohio State.

His many publications and his emails to me are long-winded, occasionally exaggerated, and sometimes hard to follow.

None looked jumpy to me; in fact the pedicab cyclists beside our carriage looked more winded and annoyed.

What do you call a long-winded member of Congress whose opinions infuriate you?

That quote may expose Obama as long-winded, but we knew that.

The prince got winded and red-faced in a hurry when he got on a treadmill to promote an Everest climb by charity he supports.

There was no more talking after that, but even so the three outlanders grew more and more winded and the people gained on them.

Indoors and back East he would probably have been a consumptive; out here, he was merely short-winded.

He galloped around the field until he was winded or decided that there was nothing to be frightened about.

What was a drowned wolf, when there was a winded buck not far ahead?

As she approached them, light running like liquid down the side of her winded robe, she smiled and held out her hand.