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  1. the process of finishing or closing something, esp the process of closing down a business
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Example Sentences

But the question bears asking: Is a student winding up with a crushing debt burden really a better situation than that one?

Strub put his home on the market and started winding up his affairs.

Winding up for a major proposal, he announced the creation of … a commission.

Winding up Iraq and Afghanistan would mean “the end of long-term nation building with large military footprints,” he said.

They are winding up the most expensive presidential campaign in American history, with each side spending more than $1 billion.

The winding up of this incident seemed to give Bascomb a good deal of relief.

Aye, there it was, slowly winding up the steep white road, on which it seemed to move at a snail's pace.

At last the ravine became a gully, winding up a breast of shadowy mountain cumbered with loose rocks, and impassable to horses.

Am off in a moment on duty, winding up with luncheon at my General's before I go to the trenches.

Together we made our way round the whole of the French trenches winding up at de Tott's Battery.


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