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[ wind-lis ]


  1. without wind; calm:

    a windless summer afternoon.

  2. out of breath.

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Other Words From

  • windless·ly adverb
  • windless·ness noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of windless1

Middle English word dating back to 1350–1400; wind 1, -less

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Example Sentences

In the longer term, transitioning to renewable energy will require accounting for intermittency, which means building a huge amount of energy storage so power is available on cloudy or windless days.

From Time

That will ease pressure on Germany’s congested power grid and also provide a ready supply of backup energy for dark, windless periods.

Trees in a windless silence sprang straight upward from the brink.

And Tatsu listened without sound or motion; only his eyes burned like beacons in a windless night.

It was near the top of the flood, and the Merry Men were roaring in the windless quiet of the night.

So windless was the air that the smoke remained like some solemn upraised finger pointing from earth to heaven.

Doubled up by a swinging blow from a bag stood the leader of the Moderns, grunting and gasping in his windless agony.


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