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or wind-up

[ wahynd-uhp ]


  1. the conclusion of any action, activity, etc.; the end or close.
  2. a final act or part.
  3. Baseball. the preparatory movements of the arm before pitching a ball. Compare stretch ( def 22 ).
  4. Informal. a mechanical object, as a toy or wristwatch, that is driven by a spring or similar mechanism that must be wound.
  5. an act or instance of winding up.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of windup1

First recorded in 1565–75; noun use of verb phrase wind up

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Example Sentences

He even had his own windup soldier dance moves, subtle complements to the stepping, swag surfing and spiraling performed by his dance troupe.

In addition to good snapping and protection provided by his teammates, it helps that he doesn’t have a long windup to generate his power.

Hanrahan, the pitching coach for the Pirates’ Class AAA affiliate, recently told Crowe that his windup was too quick when throwing his slider.

After a couple of pitches with an exaggerated windup, he announces, “I think I’ll perplex him with my slow ball,” and delivers his famous Bugs Bunny change-up, which floats peacefully past three batters, each of whom strikes out swinging.

Jon Lester eased into his windup from a few feet in front of the rubber.

After all that windup, it was finally time for Mitt Romney to make the most difficult and important sales pitch of his life.

But his long windup also has given time for his team to build an operation, prepare for a long season, and raise money.

“I find that a bit of noise always helps after we get the windup with the bayonet, sir,” he explained to Dalroy.

It would have been something of a windup to send the boy to the penitentiary.

He stopped his windup and threw to Menken, who was covering the rubber and yelling to him to throw.

Our morning meal was like a capital English breakfast, with coffee by way of a windup.

He was disguised as a prima ballerina for the purpose, and as a windup he danced, with great skill and abandon, a can-can.





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