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[ wingdor, especially Literary, wing-id ]


  1. having wings.
  2. having a winglike part or parts:

    a winged bone; a winged seed.

  3. abounding with wings or winged creatures.
  4. moving or reaching swiftly on or as if on wings:

    winged words.

  5. rapid or swift.
  6. elevated or lofty:

    winged sentiments.

  7. disabled in the wing, as a bird.
  8. wounded in an arm or other nonvital part.


/ wɪŋd /


  1. furnished with wings

    winged god

    winged horse

  2. flying straight and true as if by wing

    winged words

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Other Words From

  • winged·ly adverb
  • winged·ness noun
  • half-winged adjective
  • non·winged adjective
  • un·winged adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of winged1

Middle English word dating back to 1350–1400; wing, -ed 3

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Example Sentences

The Greater Sac-winged bat, known for clinging to the sides of buildings and feasting on insects, couldn’t seem more different from a human.

Another mammal, the greater sac-winged bat, had been heard making babbling-like sounds in 2006.

After your bat has been safely returned to the great outdoors, it’s worthwhile to check your home carefully for any other winged tenants.

On your drive back home, head northeast through Tucson for a swing Catalina State Park for some Saguaros or Butterfly Peak Natural Area to again escape low-elevation heat and search for the park’s winged namesake.

Large-winged insects thrived in the Carboniferous Period, which spanned 359 million to 299 million years ago.

For centuries, scientists have been searching for an ancient temple dedicated to a winged warrior.

For 27 years, the 105 floors of Ryugyong Hotel, a monstrous three-winged, glass-and-concrete pyramid, have gone unused.

The punningly named, 6-foot-2, winged heroine Fevvers flies her way through 1890s Europe.

When morning light struck the water, there was a pair of widgeons, along with green-winged and cinnamon teals.

Bassam handed me a large piece, with no attempt to wave away the swirl of winged insects dive-bombing from all directions.

The voice is the most potent influence of expression, the winged messenger between soul and soul.

Even the air has its strange denizens in the guise of huge beetles and vampire-winged flying foxes.

It was one of those moments when his words were winged, and his whole being glowed with love and fire.

And the winged songsters answered her with little cries that mean "God keep you!"

Among the branches flit birds, and winged genii like little cupids.


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