[ win-uh-frid ]


  1. a female given name.

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Example Sentences

Regardless, at the time the poem was written, Winifred’s legend had spread — and since the spreading of legends is at the core of The Green Knight, as are acts of beheading, her thematic connection to the film makes sense.

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Mr. Mayne said something, but Malcolm never knew what it was, for Winifred fainted, and would have fallen had he not caught her.

Henceforth he must remember Winifred only when his sword was at the throat of some wretched mutineer appealing for mercy.

He was hurrying towards the corner of the palace grounds when a shriek from Winifred set his teeth on edge.

The incident did not demand more than a few seconds for its transaction and Winifred hardly noticed it, so unstrung was she.

Winifred, naturally a high-spirited and lively girl, soon recovered from the fright of that fateful Sunday evening.





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