[ win-ter-green ]
/ ˈwɪn tərˌgrin /
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Also called checkerberry. a small, creeping, evergreen shrub, Gaultheria procumbens, of the heath family, common in eastern North America, having white, nodding, bell-shaped flowers, a bright-red, berrylike fruit, and aromatic leaves that yield a volatile oil.
the oil of this shrub; wintergreen oil; methyl salicylate.
the flavor of oil of wintergreen or something flavored with it.
any of various other plants of the same genus.
any of various small evergreen herbs of the genera Pyrola and Chimaphila.
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Origin of wintergreen

1540–50; translation of Dutch wintergroen or German Wintergrün
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British Dictionary definitions for wintergreen

/ (ˈwɪntəˌɡriːn) /

Also called: boxberry, checkerberry, teaberry, spiceberry, partridgeberry any of several evergreen ericaceous shrubs of the genus Gaultheria, esp G. procumbens, of E North America, which has white bell-shaped flowers and edible red berries
oil of wintergreen an aromatic compound, formerly made from this and various other plants but now synthesized: used medicinally and for flavouring
any of various plants of the genus Pyrola, such as P. minor (common wintergreen), of temperate and arctic regions, having rounded leaves and small pink globose flowers: family PyrolaceaeUsual US name: shinleaf
any of several plants of the genera Orthilia and Moneses: family Pyrolaceae
chickweed wintergreen a primulaceous plant, Trientalis europaea, of N Europe and N Asia, having white flowers and leaves arranged in a whorl

Word Origin for wintergreen

C16: from Dutch wintergroen or German Wintergrün; see winter, green
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