wise up

  1. slang (often foll by to) to become or cause to become aware or informed (of)

  2. (tr) to make more intellectually demanding or sophisticated

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How to use wise up in a sentence

  • Ive never missed an opportunity of seeing a Big League game and trying to wise up on the methods of the players.

  • Up it & like wise up the St. Croix are saw mills, as that country abounds with Pine.

    Old Fort Snelling | Marcus L. Hansen
  • I told Greenback to wise up his boy, as look at the trouble that got caused.

    Arm of the Law | Harry Harrison
  • Of one thing he felt assured, that it was in no wise up to him to speak or do first.

    Nan of Music Mountain | Frank H. Spearman
  • And they are wise up to the very point of believing only the things they have seen.

    Pieces of Hate | Heywood Broun