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[ wahyz-lee ]


  1. in a way that shows good sense or judgment; prudently:

    In taking good care of our health, we have to be well-informed and wisely cautious.

  2. in a way that shows depth of discernment or understanding; insightfully:

    Albert Einstein wisely observed that we can't solve today's problems with the same thinking that created those problems.

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Example Sentences

Glorious, gaudy titles like “Come to Milton Keynes” are wisely included at the heart of the compilation.

Being a responsible marketer also means prioritizing brand safety and choosing wisely where you place your ads as well as ensuring you’re producing accessible marketing.

Just like any other product on the market, Roku apps only perform when wisely promoted.

Kohl’s wisely placed a big bet on sporty apparel after Gass joined Kohl’s in 2013.

From Fortune

Yes, we should use it wisely, but simply making this liquid food resource is a smart move.

If liquor and dessert are equally essential to you enjoying the holiday, at least choose your libation wisely.

I called it “ding-dong diplomacy”; Governor Richardson wisely pointed out that “basketball diplomacy” is better than none.

West chose wisely when he made Christa Buschendorf his interviewer.

Of course he did, probably having been wisely instructed by his African American parents that the police are not his friend.

Goldman, wisely, does not raise a raft of questions that drown a writer in the answering.

If you use it wisely, it may be Ulysses' hauberk; if you reject it, the shirt of Nessus were a cooler winding-sheet!

And if an earthly father would act thus wisely and thus kindly, "how much more your Father which is in Heaven?"

This great obstacle being removed, he wisely determined to make the most of his good fortune.

Every dollar wisely spent in improving this power will add two to the value of their estates.

He was at once offered (but wisely refused) his liberty, and later on he was put ashore at Balanga (Bataan).





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