1. a variant spelling of wych-elm

Words Nearby witch-elm

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How to use witch-elm in a sentence

  • The witch elm (Ulmus montana) was the one commonly employed for the purpose, as most easily attainable.

  • Near by a huge witch-elm butt, sawed into three steps, shaped a horse-block.

    The Red Debt | Everett MacDonald
  • Then, recovering from the surprise, he took her hand and they continued toward the witch-elm block.

    The Red Debt | Everett MacDonald
  • On pleasant nights he would sit on the witch-elm block before the cabin and sing "Kitty Wells."

    The Red Debt | Everett MacDonald
  • Near dusk, Slab took up his hybrid banjo and repaired to the witch-elm block, followed by the others.

    The Red Debt | Everett MacDonald