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verb (used with object),with·stood, with·stand·ing.
  1. to stand or hold out against; resist or oppose, especially successfully: to withstand rust; to withstand the invaders; to withstand temptation.

verb (used without object),with·stood, with·stand·ing.
  1. to stand in opposition; resist.

Origin of withstand

First recorded before 900; Middle English withstanden,Old English withstandan (see with-, stand); cognate with Old Norse vithstanda; akin to German widerstehen

synonym study For withstand

1. See oppose.

Other words for withstand

Other words from withstand

  • with·stand·er, noun
  • with·stand·ing·ness, noun
  • un·with·stand·ing, adjective
  • un·with·stood, adjective

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How to use withstand in a sentence

  • I called you, daughter, because Gus withstood me out and out about Heaven doth with us as we 132 with torches do.

    Tessa Wadsworth's Discipline | Jennie M. Drinkwater
  • Stuart withstood the surprise attack very well and did not retreat in a panic, as might have been expected.

  • He was, however, so scientifically and securely built, that he withstood all the rough usage he received.

    Digby Heathcote | W.H.G. Kingston
  • A fragment of wall, that had withstood the ravages made by the war in the adjoining fences of wood, fortunately crossed his path.

    The Spy | J. Fenimore Cooper
  • The Engagement then grew desperate, for they on either Side fired in amain, whilst we withstood their Force.

    The City Bride (1696) | Joseph Harris

British Dictionary definitions for withstand


/ (wɪðˈstænd) /

verb-stands, -standing or -stood
  1. (tr) to stand up to forcefully; resist

  2. (intr) to remain firm in endurance or opposition

Derived forms of withstand

  • withstander, noun

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