[vit-guh n-shtahyn, -stahyn]
  1. Lud·wig (Jo·sef Jo·hann) [loot-vikh yoh-zef yoh-hahn, lood-] /ˈlut vɪx ˈyoʊ zɛf ˈyoʊ hɑn, ˈlud-/, 1889–1951, Austrian philosopher.
Related formsWitt·gen·stein·i·an, adjective, noun
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British Dictionary definitions for wittgensteinian


  1. (of a philosophical position or argument) derived from or related to the work of Wittgenstein and esp the later work in which he attacks essentialism and stresses the open texture and variety of use of ordinary language


  1. Ludwig Josef Johann (ˈluːtvɪç ˈjoːzɛf joˈhan). 1889–1951, British philosopher, born in Austria. After studying with Bertrand Russell, he wrote the Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus (1921), which explores the relationship of language to the world. He was a major influence on logical positivism but later repudiated this, and in Philosophical Investigations (1953) he argues that philosophical problems arise from insufficient attention to the variety of natural language use
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