verb (used without object), wived, wiv·ing.

to take a wife; marry.

verb (used with object), wived, wiv·ing.

to take as wife; marry.
to provide with a wife.

Origin of wive

before 900; Middle English wiven, Old English wīfian, derivative of wīf; see wife
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Historical Examples of wive

  • And they say his wive's brother give him ten silver dollars for his help.

    Sweet Cicely

    Josiah Allen's Wife: Marietta Holley

  • Tell Strang that she will wive him to-night, as she has promised!

    The Courage of Captain Plum

    James Oliver Curwood

  • "Wive to 'usband," he declaimed, "sizter to brother--" But his audience was lost.

    Kincaid's Battery

    George W. Cable

  • Some say it wuz because Deacon Henshaw wuz present for the first time after his wive's death.

    Samantha Among the Brethren, Part 4.

    Josiah Allen's Wife (Marietta Holley)

  • At six a-clock my ink freezes so that I can hardly write by a good fire in my Wive's Chamber.

British Dictionary definitions for wive


verb archaic

to marry (a woman)
(tr) to supply with a wife

Word Origin for wive

Old English gewīfian, from wīf wife
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Word Origin and History for wive

"to marry (a woman)," Old English wifian, from wif "woman" (see wife). Cf. Middle Dutch wiven.

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