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[ wob-ling ]


  1. that wobbles or causes to wobble.

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Other Words From

  • wobbling·ly adverb

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Word History and Origins

Origin of wobbling1

First recorded in 1650–60; wobble + -ing 2

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Example Sentences

A TikTok video documenting the build quality of one Tesla, including a wobbling front truck, picked up more than 4 million views earlier this month.

From Vox

However, both the Moon and Mimas experience libration wobbling slightly and bringing part of the “far side” into view.

It managed to walk the tightrope of edginess and heart without wobbling too nerve-rackingly in either direction.

The Krummens pay attention to politics, but are more concerned about the impact of the wobbling economy on their family.

And when the Tories were wobbling just two months ago, it seemed that Brown's drudgery might just pay off.

Even as Lamb stared at the carnage, a third figure appeared, wobbling drunkenly from an inner office.

I heard Stevey Todd whoop down below, and he came on deck and he says, "She's wobbling again!"

Ben peered out upon the wobbling legs, and in another instant had fallen back, shivering with fright and superstitious fear.

He was introduced to me as Mr. Webb, Whistler's solicitor, though in the process we came near being drenched by the wobbling hose.

He walked out upon the track, breathing hard and with knees wobbling treacherously.


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