wolf pack


  1. a group of submarines operating together in hunting down and attacking enemy convoys.
  2. a group of wolves hunting together.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of wolf pack1

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Example Sentences

In this wolf pack vision, the robots attack with weapons ranging from machine guns to missiles or loitering drones.

For the moment, most of those wolf packs are concentrated in the remote northeastern corner of the state, where they often come into conflict with ranchers.

In the summertime, bulky prey like moose and deer are well-nourished, making them harder for wolf packs to bring down.

It eschews the old, dominating, Cesar Millan–style methods that were based on flawed studies of presumed hierarchies in wolf packs.

From Time

The female wolf pack leader who so enchanted the men charged with tagging her.

Originally, Prinze says he thought he was auditioning for a show called Wolf Pack.

They would later be dubbed a “bloodthirsty” “lesbian she-wolf pack” and—most famously—“a seething, Sapphic septet.”

In my real wolf pack, all the guys around me are a lot wilder than I am.

Did it afford you a lot more hang time with the guys, since you're basically the fourth member of the Wolf Pack in this movie?

But ghosts wouldn't be giving signals of the Wolf Pack, would they?

And Charley fights a wolf pack, and knocks one of un over with an ax.

But now, when he was so expectant, the wolf-pack seemed to find business elsewhere.

The vicious, mauling wolf-pack of the river heaved us into the air, and worried us as we fell.

He shivered as a howl sounded loudly and echoed, bearing the age-old warning of a wolf pack, hungry and a-hunt.


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