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[ wim-in ]


  1. the plural of woman.


/ ˈwɪmɪn /


  1. the plural of woman

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Example Sentences

In 2017, when its annual Agadir Open welcomed women competitors for the first time in its history, former digital visuals editor Mary Mathis was there to capture the moment.

“There have always been women warriors in northern China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan and even Korea,” says Christine Lee.

A classic example involves claims that women are less competitive than men, and so the relatively small number of women CEOs is not a problem.

They specialized in women artists, and its success grew out of her vision for a more diverse and inclusive music scene, which at the time of its founding in 1973 was dominated by men.

Lucas and Dlugacz were the top LGBTQ and top overall women fundraisers for Hillary Clinton in 2016, raising more than $4 million.

In 2009, a Pakistani Christian woman got into a religious argument with some Muslim women with whom she was harvesting berries.

It is the summit of human happiness: the surrender of man to God, of woman to man, of several women to the same man.

This Congress will welcome more women than ever before at 19 percent of the House and 20 percent of the Senate.

Even internally in the House, women are not getting their fair shake.

Isolated lesbians learned that there were other women like them via books whose covers aimed to titillate heterosexual men.

The two women had no intention of bathing; they had just strolled down to the beach for a walk and to be alone and near the water.

When the women came, he was preparing to go to the west side for his daily visit with Mrs. Pruitt.

Women generally consider consequences in love, seldom in resentment.

The women at once rose and began to shake out their draperies and relax their muscles.

All Weimar adores him, and people say that women still go perfectly crazy over him.


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