womp womp

[ womp womp, wahn wahn ]
/ ˈwɒmp ˌwɒmp, ˈwɑ̃ ˌwɑ̃ /

interjection Slang.

(used to dismiss or to mock a failure, loss, etc.): I’m single again this year for Valentines Day—womp womp.The fan response to the team’s pathetic opener was a collective “womp womp.”

verb (used with or without object) Slang.

to comment on or judge with this dismissive or mocking expression: She cruelly womp womped his emotional childhood confession.I hope his parents heard him womp womping at his sister’s dance recital—he needs to apologize.

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Sometimes whomp whomp.

Origin of womp womp

First recorded in 2005–10; imitative of a sound made by a trombone to indicate a wrong answer or other minor humiliation, used on TV game shows and in movies
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