[ wood-rij ]


  1. a city in NE Illinois.

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Example Sentences

Hubbard, 41, said she moved to the Woodridge neighborhood more than a decade ago and got her start in local politics leading an education advocacy organization for Ward 5 parents.

The day-to-day presence at Lucky Danger is co-founder Andrew Chiou, 32, who comes to the project from the closed Momo Yakitori in Woodridge.

He could afford to serve Woodridge at least a few weeks for the favor of this Rachel!

She wrote a few lines on a card, put it in an envelope, and handed it to Woodridge.

When he had finished, the pleasant, hesitating, boyish contralto of Miss Woodridge fell upon his ear.

Would it be any comfort to you, Mr. Woodridge, if you were told that she had not the slightest chance with Sylvester?

Their excitement was communicated by some mysterious instinct to their neighbor, Nelly Woodridge.





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