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[ wool-uhn ]


  1. any cloth of carded wool yarn of which the fibers vary in length: bulkier, looser, and less regular than worsted.
  2. woolens, wool cloth or clothing.


  1. made or consisting of wool:

    woolen cloth.

  2. of or relating to wool or woolen fabrics.

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Other Words From

  • half-woolen adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of woolen1

before 1050; Middle English wollen (adj. and noun), Old English wullen, wyllen (noun). See wool, -en 2

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Example Sentences

While Tide was a bit underwhelming, the Ecover did as well or better on dirt and odor tests than any fancy sports-specific stuff, on both synthetics and woolens.

Learn to iron, eliminate horrible stains, wash woolens and other awkward-to-clean items, and see how to rescue yellowed linens and special-event clothing like a pro.

These woolen blankets are equally useful when you’re camping out under the stars or camped out on the sofa daydreaming of your next trip.

From Time

Illustrators depicted them weighed down by heavy woolens, trudging through wintry woods, seemingly always on their way to church.

From Time

Two men, dressed in winter coats and woolen hats to defend against the frigid night air, walk side by side through the crowded streets of downtown Seoul.

From Fortune

His face is gory and pitted with deep shrapnel wounds and his injured hands drip blood on the rumpled woolen blankets.

Good hygiene, students are advised, is important for warding away bad breath and bad smells from that woolen suit.

Leaning back in his chair, a striped woolen scarf thrown cavalierly around his neck, Carr frowned.

As his student in the spring of 1992, I remember his woolen sweaters and an umbrella, and perhaps even a shepherd's hat.

By spreading over us the heavy woolen blankets the Mounted Police use under their saddles, we slept in comfort.

Both dress and cloak should be made of a woolen material, (varying of course with the season,) which will shed water.

A woolen skirt, made quite short, to clear the muddy streets, is the proper thing.

If you are to pass the night in the cars, carry a warm woolen or silk hood, that you may take off your bonnet at night.

He is an old, grizzled man dressed in dungaree pants, a sweater, and a woolen cap with ear flaps.





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