[ woos-ter ]


  1. David, 1711–77, American Revolutionary War general.
  2. a city in N Ohio.

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Example Sentences

Garson’s 20 year-old son Nathan, a student at The College of Wooster, a private liberal arts college in Wooster, Ohio, added his own heartbreaking tribute to his father in an Instagram post.

Nickelson Wooster is a veritable master of all things sartorial.

Nickelson Wooster has become a staple of American street style, defining his own brand of masculine elegance.

Nickelson Wooster: Getting dressed for me is like a window to my soul.

Not every estate owner was responsible; inheritance often entailed no more business sense than a Bertie Wooster or Mr. Toad.

As Bertie Wooster might say, a bit much to spring on a lad with a morning head.

The enemy were pursued and annoyed by a few hundred of the citizens under Wooster and Arnold; the former was killed.

Wooster was appointed one of the first brigadiers of the continental army, in 1775, and third in rank.

The Baptists have more than doubled, and now own and occupy the Wooster Place church.

About eleven o'clock, General Wooster overtook the enemy, and attacked them with great gallantry.

A militia force of five hundred had been hastily collected by Generals Wooster and Silliman.