US letter-perfect


correct in every detail
(of a speech, part in a play, etc) memorized perfectly
(of a speaker, actor, etc) knowing one's speech, role, etc, perfectly

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Examples from the Web for word-perfect

Historical Examples of word-perfect

  • I suspect now that I had not taken enough pains to get word-perfect.

  • He was always like this—word-perfect in his part, playing up faithfully to the mysteries and certitudes of his surroundings.

    Tales of Unrest

    Joseph Conrad

  • He would see them the first thing in the morning, and go over the lines with them and have them word-perfect by night.

    May Iverson's Career

    Elizabeth Jordan

  • She thought and lived Scrooge, and as she had a good memory she was word-perfect before Eleanor had thought it possible.

    Judy of York Hill

    Ethel Hume Patterson Bennett

  • For hours and hours every day the little fellows were drilled in the services till they were word-perfect.