[ wur-dee ]
/ ˈwɜr di /


a person with an enthusiastic interest in words and language; a logophile: a new board game that will appeal to wordies of all ages.

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Origin of wordie

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Examples from the Web for wordie

  • Clark and Wordie lived opposite in a room called “Auld Reekie.”

    South!|Sir Ernest Shackleton
  • Hurley took some photographs and Wordie came back rejoicing with a little dust and some moss.

    South!|Sir Ernest Shackleton
  • He was muttering something to himsel; but the elder could only hear a wordie noo an' then.

  • We pushed the ship against a small banded berg, from which Wordie secured several large lumps of biotite granite.

    South!|Sir Ernest Shackleton