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[ wurk-out ]


  1. a trial or practice session in athletics, as in running, boxing, or football.
  2. a structured regime of physical exercise:

    She goes to the gym for a workout twice a week.

  3. any trial or practice session.
  4. an act or instance of working something out.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of workout1

First recorded in 1890–95; noun use of verb phrase work out

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Example Sentences

There was a big peak in people searching for “home workouts” in March and April, and it’s still a little up against previous months.

With gyms everywhere shutting down, Nike released their workout content for free and ramped up posting blogs to its apps and website.

Here, the Petman prototype, just a pair of robot legs and a caged torso, gets a light workout on the treadmill.

Over the weeks, they gradually increased the workouts to 60 minutes.

It also lets the rest of us record and improve our workouts.

Surenos are told when to workout, who to associate with and how to distribute any funds they make from illegal activity.

A workout bench: they would lift weights in between sessions.

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On the day of the competition, Catanzaro goes through the workout one more time.

While the alpha-version of the Amiigo only recognized about half of the movements in our workout, that was good news.

This is an excellent workout for the shoulder muscles as well as for the forearms, and gives some exercise to the body.

"Must be figuring to give him a workout and a race all at once," said the chalk merchants.

Brad, who witnessed the workout, reported to the Cubs that the team had improved considerably.

I'll let it leak out that I'm only sending Zanzibar for a workout and to see whether he's improved any over last season.

Rollins got back for a short workout and showed few signs of his injury.





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