/ (wɜːks) /

pl n
  1. (often functioning as singular) a place where a number of people are employed, such as a factory

  2. the sum total of a writer's or artist's achievements, esp when considered together: the works of Shakespeare

  1. the deeds of a person, esp virtuous or moral deeds performed as religious acts: works of charity

  2. the interior parts of the mechanism of a machine, etc: the works of a clock

  3. in the works informal in preparation

  4. spanner in the works See spanner (def. 2)

  5. the works slang

    • full or extreme treatment

    • a very violent physical beating: to give someone the works

  6. slang a syringe

  7. (modifier) of or denoting a racing car, etc, that is officially entered by a manufacturer in an event: a works entry

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