[ wur-mee ]
/ ˈwɜr mi /

adjective, worm·i·er, worm·i·est.

containing a worm or worms; contaminated with worms.
damaged or bored into by worms; worm-eaten.
wormlike; groveling; low.

Origin of wormy

late Middle English word dating back to 1400–50; see origin at worm, -y1


worm·i·ness, nounun·worm·i·ness, nounun·worm·y, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for wormy

/ (ˈwɜːmɪ) /

adjective wormier or wormiest

worm-infested or worm-eaten
resembling a worm in appearance, ways, or condition
(of wood) having irregular small tunnels bored into it and tracked over its surface, made either by worms or artificially
low or grovelling

Derived forms of wormy

worminess, noun
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