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  1. diminished in value or usefulness through wear, use, handling, etc.: The car's front tires were very worn, with little tread left.

  2. showing a considerable level of use or wear: He read his speech from two worn pieces of notebook paper that had obviously been folded and unfolded many times.

  1. wearied; exhausted: She looked worn but joyful as she held her newborn daughter.

  1. the past participle of wear.

Origin of worn

First recorded in 1500–10, for the adjective

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Other words from worn

  • worn·ness, noun
  • self-worn, adjective
  • un·worn, adjective

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  1. a combining form with the meaning “showing a specified level of use, deterioration, or consumption”: Before you toss that little-worn top, consider if it could be given a second life.

  2. a combining form with the meaning “showing wear, deterioration, or exhaustion from a specified cause”: The old bridges fit the landscape, maybe because they are as windworn and aged as the land around them.The knights were weary and battleworn when they returned to the castle.

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/ (wɔːn) /

  1. the past participle of wear 1

  1. affected, esp adversely, by long use or action: a worn suit

  2. haggard; drawn

  1. exhausted; spent

Derived forms of worn

  • wornness, noun

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