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[ wurst-keys ]


  1. of the worst possibility; being the worst result that could be expected under the circumstances:

    a worst-case scenario.

worst case


    1. a situation in which the most unfavourable conditions prevail
    2. ( as modifier )

      a worst-case projection of a massive accident

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Word History and Origins

Origin of worst-case1

First recorded in 1960–65
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Example Sentences

Without those subsidies, the worst-case scenario has Obamacare entering a fiscal death spiral.

Now, according to a recent World Food Program report (PDF), the estimate has risen to a worst-case scenario of 5.7 million.

Because the worst-case scenario is you do a series finale and no one cares.

They were worst-case-scenario models, as if no one did anything in response.

The epidemic, in a worst-case scenario, could reach millions.

Now she turned to the worst case on her list, and made it her chief care.

She took a pull of brandy large enough to ward off the worst case of pneumonia and then passed the bottle to Bag Ears.

Archibius said that, even in the worst case, it could not render the present state of affairs darker.

This was the worst case of buck fever that I have ever had and I do not care to ever experience a case of that kind again.

The worst case of all occurs in the department of the affections.