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[ wur-thee-nis ]


  1. the fact or quality of having great or adequate merit, character, or value:

    These experiences gave her the strength and energy to champion her belief in the fundamental dignity and worthiness of humankind.

  2. the fact or quality of meeting the standard for deserving a particular thing or person:

    In The Lion King, Simba must come to terms with his guilt over his father's death and his worthiness to become king.

    The princess decided to set the suitor a task to prove his worthiness of her hand.

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  • pre·wor·thi·ness noun

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Example Sentences

Hopefully, Zucchet can take this glory as a worthy replacement.

Treat it with the respect it deserves, and dig in to life-changing hot chicken, fresh bread, and museum-worthy bento boxes in its presence.

From Eater

The voice acting here is top notch, and most of these folks have a worthy resume that includes other video games, TV or film roles.

Their reputations are such that most anyone would have no doubt, even sight unseen, that their performances here would be worthy of recognition.

The world, particularly places off the beaten path, provides a script-worthy narrative.

Discrimination is all about pride and the setting up of a hierarchy of “worthiness.”

Here was worthiness by association, a father judged by the virtues of the son.

Meanwhile, four U.S. companies maintain a AAA rating, and therefore, rank higher than the United States in credit-worthiness.

Although…at present you could elevate such creations to museum worthiness.

My own blood started to boil when they started questioning my worthiness as a person.

We often meet, and I always come to the conclusion that—in spite of his worthiness—his society weighs upon me like a stone.

When a State has found out its notable men, it should reward them, and will show its worthiness by its measure and mode of reward.

Cotuha, proclaimed by the nobility, soon proved his worthiness of that high honor.

His worthiness they praised, and judged his deeds with tender dread.

Her presence was restful, comforting, and at the same time embodied an unmistakable challenge to his own nature and worthiness.