[ wurth ]
/ wɜrθ /

verb (used without object) Archaic.

to happen or betide: woe worth the day.

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Origin of worth

before 900; Middle English worthen, Old English wurthan, weorthan; cognate with German werden, Old Norse vertha, Gothic wairthan to become, Latin vertere to turn (see verse)

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/ (ˈwɜːðɪŋ) /


a resort in S England, in West Sussex on the English Channel. Pop: 96 964 (2001)


/ (wɜːθ) /

adjective (governing a noun with prepositional force)

worthy of; meriting or justifyingit's not worth discussing; an idea worth some thought
having a value ofthe book is worth 30 pounds
for all one is worth to the utmost; to the full extent of one's powers or ability
worth one's weight in gold extremely helpful, kind, etc


Word Origin for worth

Old English weorth; related to Old Saxon, Old High German werth (German Wert), Old Norse verthr, Gothic wairths


/ (wɜːθ) /


(intr) archaic to happen or betide (esp in the phrase woe worth the day)

Word Origin for worth

Old English weorthan; related to Old Frisian wertha, Old Saxon, Old High German werthan (German werden), Old Norse vertha, Gothic wairthan, Latin vertere to turn


/ (wɜːθ, French vɔrt) /


Charles Frederick. 1825–95, English couturier, who founded Parisian haute couture
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