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/ ræpt /


  1. the past tense and past participle of wrap


  1. informal.
    a variant spelling of rapt 2
  2. wrapped up informal.
    1. completely absorbed or engrossed in
    2. implicated or involved in

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Example Sentences

She is wearing a crop top, and Andrew has his arm wrapped around her waist.

It needs to be said: bigotry in the name of religion is still bigotry; child abuse wrapped in a Bible verse is still child abuse.

In the mindset of the Coexist camp, those abstract beliefs have become twisted things, wrapped up with hate.

She tugged on the black rope that wrapped around his thighs and torso, her leather gloves creaking with each adjustment.

They would go to the store with a repackaged and shrink-wrapped broken item inside a new box and return it for full value.

Presently he began to shiver so, with some sort of a chill, that I took off my coat and wrapped it round him.

He swerved as he passed it, and, looking, saw that it was a bundle wrapped in a striped blanket.

So with its completion, he wrapped it carefully, and sent it to a Chicago publisher, while he sighed with relief.

Though she was warmly wrapped in a soft rug of silvery fur, a chill crept into her heart.

I tore it open and found, wrapped tightly about three twenty-dollar gold pieces, an unsigned note from MacRae.


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