any of various marine fishes of the family Labridae, especially of the genus Labrus, having thick, fleshy lips, powerful teeth, and usually a brilliant color, certain species being valued as food fishes.

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Origin of wrasse

1665–75; apparently originally a plural of dial. (Cornwall) wrah, wraugh, wrath < Cornish wragh, lenited form of gwragh literally, old woman, hag; compare Welsh gwrach(en), Breton gwrac’h, also with both senses

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any marine percoid fish of the family Labridae, of tropical and temperate seas, having thick lips, strong teeth, and usually a bright coloration: many are used as food fishes

Word Origin for wrasse

C17: from Cornish wrach; related to Welsh gwrach old woman

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1670s, from Cornish wrach, related to Welsh gurach.

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