[ reeth ]
/ rið /

verb (used with object), wreathed; wreathed or (Archaic) wreath·en; wreath·ing.

to encircle or adorn with or as with a wreath.
to form as a wreath by twisting or twining.
to surround in curving or curling masses or form.
to envelop: a face wreathed in smiles.

verb (used without object), wreathed; wreathed or (Archaic) wreath·en; wreath·ing.

to take the form of a wreath or wreaths.
to move in curving or curling masses, as smoke.

Origin of wreathe

1520–30; earlier wrethe, partly v. use of wreath, partly back formation from wrethen, obsolete past participle of writhe

Related forms

wreath·er, nounin·ter·wreathe, verb, in·ter·wreathed, in·ter·wreath·ing.

Can be confused

wraith wreath wreathe writhe
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British Dictionary definitions for wreathe


/ (riːð) /


to form into or take the form of a wreath by intertwining or twisting together
(tr) to decorate, crown, or encircle with wreaths
to move or cause to move in a twisting waysmoke wreathed up to the ceiling

Word Origin for wreathe

C16: perhaps back formation from wrēthen, from Old English writhen, past participle of wrīthan to writhe; see wreath
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