[res-uh l]

verb (used without object), wres·tled, wres·tling.

to engage in wrestling.
to contend, as in a struggle for mastery; grapple: to wrestle with one's conscience.

verb (used with object), wres·tled, wres·tling.


an act of or a bout at wrestling.
a struggle.

Origin of wrestle

before 1100; Middle English wrestlen, wrastlen (v.), Old English *wrǣstlian (compare Old English wrǣstlere wrestler), frequentative of wrǣstan to wrest; cognate with Middle Dutch, Middle Low German worstelen
Related formswres·tler, nounout·wres·tle, verb (used with object), out·wres·tled, out·wres·tling.un·wres·tled, adjective
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to fight (another person) by holding, throwing, etc, without punching with the closed fist
(intr) to participate in wrestling
(when intr, foll by with or against) to fight with (a person, problem, or thing)wrestle with one's conscience
(tr) to move laboriously, as with wrestling movements
(tr) US and Canadian to throw (an animal) for branding


the act of wrestling
a struggle or tussle
Derived Formswrestler, noun

Word Origin for wrestle

Old English wræstlian; related to Middle Dutch wrastelen (Dutch worstelen), Old Norse rost current, race
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Word Origin and History for wrestle

Old English *wræstlian, frequentative of wræstan "to wrest" (see wrest). Cf. North Frisian wrassele, Middle Low German worstelen. Figurative sense is recorded from early 13c. Related: Wrestled; wrestling.

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