[ ring-klee ]
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adjective,wrin·kli·er, wrin·kli·est.
  1. having wrinkles or tending to wrinkle; creased; puckery: a wrinkly material.

Origin of wrinkly

First recorded in 1565–75; wrinkle1 + -y1

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How to use wrinkly in a sentence

  • Something wiggily, and black and yellow and red-spotted with wrinkly legs and a long snaky neck and head.

  • His coat was smooth and glossy, not rough and wrinkly like Old Rattlers, and his upraised head was small and pretty—for a snake.

  • Her berries were sour, her fritters wrinkly, her egg-toast smushy.

  • Home, and children that need you, and depend on you to keep them alive, and turn to you with their wrinkly little smiles.

    Main Street | Sinclair Lewis
  • “I hope thy friends will temper justice with mercy, Isabelle,” he remarked with the wrinkly smile threatening.

    The Cricket | Marjorie Cooke