wrist pin


noun Machinery.

a pin joining the end of a connecting rod to a trunk piston or the end of a piston rod.

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Origin of wrist pin

First recorded in 1870–75

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Examples from the Web for wrist pin

  • This test may be made with the wrist-pin alone, or if the piston is in place, a straight edge or spirit level may be employed.

    Aviation Engines|Victor Wilfred Pag
  • The wear at the wrist-pin is taken by the so called brasses, shown at B in the illustrations.

    Steam Engines|Anonymous
  • The outer brass is adjustable, being forced toward the wrist-pin by a sliding wedge which is operated by one or more set-screws.

    Steam Engines|Anonymous

British Dictionary definitions for wrist pin

wrist pin


a cylindrical boss or pin attached to the side of a wheel parallel with the axis, esp one forming a bearing for a crank
US and Canadian the pin through the skirt of a piston in an internal-combustion engine, to which the little end of the connecting rod is attachedAlso called (esp in Britain): gudgeon pin
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