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[ rahyt-doun ]


, Accounting.
  1. a reduction of the entered value of an asset account.
  2. the procedure of reducing the recorded value of an asset, either by estimate or as a plan.

write down


  1. tr to set down in writing
  2. tr to harm or belittle by writing about (a person) in derogatory terms
  3. intr; foll by to or for to write in a simplified way (to a supposedly less cultured readership)
  4. tr accounting to decrease the book value of (an asset)


  1. accounting a reduction made in the book value of an asset
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Word History and Origins

Origin of write-down1

First recorded in 1930–35; noun use of verb phrase write down
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Example Sentences

Still, I do want to ‘process’ this, and so I will write down what I remember.

I was taking a writing workshop, and one of the tasks was to write down our “obsessions” at the beginning of each evening.

A friend suggested I write down everything that happened to me to help purge the images from my mind.

Riahi asked me for a piece of paper to write down her phone number.

Just write down what you eat, what exercise you do, and what sleep you get.

He must write down the first two words, “Ice” and “Slippery,” the latter word under the former.

A Government official had come among them with papers and ink, and proceeded to write down all their names.

Write down at three months' sight two notes of five hundred francs each, which you will proceed to sign.

I shall suffer to write down the end, and yet I shall suffer more until it is done.

Once, at a class-meeting, after finishing "Easter Day," he made a remark which the class requested him to "write down."


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