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[ rahyt-in ]


  1. a candidate or vote for a candidate not listed on the printed ballot but written onto it by the voter:

    Write-ins may swing the election.


  1. of, relating to, or for such a candidate or vote or a ballot so marked:

    a write-in campaign.

write in


  1. to insert in (a document, form, etc) in writing
  2. adverb to write a letter to a company, institution, etc
  3. adverb
    1. to vote for (a person not on a ballot) by writing in his name
    2. to cast (a vote) for such a person by writing in his name


  1. the act of voting for a person by writing his name on a ballot
  2. a candidate or vote that has been written in
  3. ( as modifier )

    a write-in campaign

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Word History and Origins

Origin of write-in1

First recorded in 1930–35
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Example Sentences

But Dickinson never filed to run as a Democrat, and is now running as a write-in for the seat.

First, he ran an unsuccessful campaign as a write-in against U.S. Rep. Ed Pastor—a Democrat.

In the initial tally, Fleck had 3,398 votes, while a total of 3,700 votes were given to write-in candidates.

Fleck also noted that it was possible that he could have the Democratic nomination as a write-in as well.

Mike Fleck ran unopposed three times, but appears to have been beaten by a write-in candidate after coming out in 2012.