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[ rahyt-uhp ]


  1. a written description or account, as in a newspaper or magazine:

    The play got a terrible write-up.

  2. Accounting. an increase in the book value of a corporation that is not warranted by the true assets of the corporation.

write up


  1. to describe fully, complete, or bring up to date in writing

    write up a diary

  2. to praise or bring to public notice in writing
  3. accounting
    1. to place an excessively high value on (an asset)
    2. to increase the book value of (an asset) in order to reflect more accurately its current worth in the market


  1. a published account of something, such as a review in a newspaper or magazine
  2. accounting
    1. an excessive or illegally high valuation of corporate assets
    2. a raising of the book value of an asset

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Word History and Origins

Origin of write-up1

1880–85, Americanism; noun use of verb phrase write up

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Example Sentences

Because I was president I had to do the write-up for the event and they chose that picture.

The House and Senate write up the fix the White House wants, but they attach it to something Obama hates.

The answer is that the Defense Department has a painstakingly slow process to write up its requirements before it builds anything.

That clearly wasn't enough, and we had our frequent contributor Emily Hauser write up the tweet.

I have a backlog of books to write up for David's Bookclub, including a superb book about the economic crisis, Don Peck's Pinched.

I wish I could write up Deppe's system for publication, but it is a very difficult thing to give any adequate idea of.

With regard to cooking, each man took duty for a week, during which he was able to write up his work and to wash and mend clothes.

The author replied, “I should like to live with the army on the frontier and write up Tommy Atkins.”

"Well, write up everything you have on it, and we'll lay out further experimental work," MacLeod said.

Well, you are a lucky girl to have brains enough to have more than one idea in your head to write up.