writing case

  1. a portable folder with compartments for holding writing materials

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How to use writing case in a sentence

  • Lucy Warrender opened her writing-case and commenced an affectionate letter to her uncle.

  • In that Writing-case his Majesty found what we know; nothing but mysterious effects of female art, and no light whatever.

  • So at last the letter was written, but terrified at the idea of posting it, he kept it in his writing-case for some days.

    The Fourth Estate, vol.1 | Armando Palacio Valds
  • It had fluttered to the floor as she had looked through her writing-case, and now lay, unheeded by her, at the visitor's feet.

    A Sheaf of Corn | Mary E. Mann
  • Hetty looked up with a little flash in her eyes, and swept the papers into the writing-case as Clavering came in.

    The Cattle-Baron's Daughter | Harold Bindloss