[ woo ]
/ wu /


a dynasty that ruled in China a.d. 222–80.
a Chinese language having several dialects, spoken widely in Anhwei, Chekiang, and Kiangsu provinces and including the dialect of Shanghai.



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British Dictionary definitions for wus (1 of 3)

/ (wʌs) /


South Wales dialect a casual term of addressfancy a drink, wus?

Word Origin for wus

from Welsh was, variant of gwas servant

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/ (wuː) /


Harry, real name Wu Hongda. born 1937, Chinese dissident and human-rights campaigner, a US citizen from 1994: held in labour camps (1960–79); exiled to the US in 1985 but returned secretly to document forced labour in Chinese prisons

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/ (wuː) /


a group of dialects of Chinese spoken around the Yangtze delta
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Scientific definitions for wus

[ wōō ]
Chien-Shiung 1912-1997

Chinese-born American physicist. Research with her colleagues on electron emission in the decay of radioactive elements showed that parity symmetry, long thought to hold for all physical laws, is in fact violated; the decay processes displayed odd parity, essentially entailing that nature distinguishes between right-handed and left-handed processes.
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